Sunday, March 24, 2013

And on the 7th day they rested.

March 23, 2013

On our first day on the work sites, I mentioned Felipe, Cristabel's cousin, who was working on the construction of her house with no shoes. All week the team was going through their shoes, trying to determine who had a pair that would fit Felipe.  On Friday, we had success! A pair of shoes from Mary Reichter (thanks actually go to her husband, Lyle) fit Felipe.  Allen Kurschinksi contributed a pair of socks. When the shoes and socks were presented to Felipe, he motioned for us to wait a minute; he had to go wash his feet before he put his new shoes on.  He was so excited, and so sad, also.  He said, "I have nothing to give you. I have no money."  This Holy Thursday as we witness the washing of feet, let us keep in mind those who have little, but give so much.

Today the team boarded a bus and headed to the shore for our final night together, to unpack the experiences of the week, to continue bonding, and for some transition time before we head home tomorrow.

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