Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Day 2. Cristabel's House

March 18, 2013

12 of us out of the group of 18 went to work on Cristabel's house today. And score! Her house is being built on a shady lot, so we had shade, there was a restaurant next door for lunch and we had a flush toilet!  That is a good day in El Salvador, especially when it's 92 degrees outside.  We mixed mezcla (mortar) for between the cement blocks that the homes are made of, and the chispa, used to cement the rebar in the blocks. We made four rounds (levels) on the house.  Leon Stidfole did the work of "two mules and four horses today." We observed a lot of activity going back and forth in front of our worksite, from chickens, a herd of cows, a lone pig, school children, many bicycle carts selling their wares, and vendors in vehicles with loudspeakers blaring about their wares. 

Cristabel's cousin, Felipe, was working on the house as part of her sweat equity.  We were all required to wear work boots or sturdy shoes on the work site, but Felipe was working barefoot. When asked where his shoes were, he replied that he had none.  Just a reminder to us once again, how hard-working, but poor these people are.

Stay tuned tomorrow for news on Mario's house!

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