Thursday, March 21, 2013

Day 5 first day of spring

March 21, 2013

Happy first day of spring!  We heard it wasn't very spring-like in Iowa, but we more than made up for it here. It was about 90 degrees today, which wasn't extraordinarily hot, but it was more humid, and there wasn't much of a breeze until late in the day.  Mario's house is on a sunny lot; we started painting the interior walls today, which wasn't too physically stressful, but with the heat and humidity, it took a lot out of us. His house will be finished next week and ready for him and his family to move in! 

We are fed many different fruits on our breaks.  We had a chance to sample cashew fruit (did you know cashews are the seeds from a fruit?). While we've loved the mangos, pineapple and papaya, the cashew fruit did not go over very well! We have been fed a wide variety of foods, although Aaron Reichter thinks we get fed frijoles a little too often.

Cristabel's house is on a shady lot, but for a couple of hours in the afternoon, the house is completely in the sun as well.  Working inside a house built of cement block gets pretty hot, but that crew finished getting all the walls up today!

Quite a few of our team were in El Salvador a year ago, building a house for Gloria, her daughter and grandchildren. After cleaning up our work sites, both crews headed to the home of Gloria for a visit.  She was thrilled to have us there (all 18 of us, plus Jesus, our interpreter and our two van drivers) and had refreshments for us.  She and her grandchildren had a hug and a welcome for each of us, even those she had not met before. Her house, though very small (by our standards) was colorfully painted and neat as a pin. Even though we were all hot and tired, crankily wishing for our showers, and wondering why we had to make this extra stop, meeting and visiting with Gloria was a blessing that just made our day!

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