Thursday, March 28, 2013

3 things part deux

Here are two more people's thoughts on what they experienced. 

1.      Although Salvadorans are a poor people economically, in the important aspects of life – faith, family, love – they are very rich indeed. They are a happy, hard-working, content people who see their blessings in the simplest of things.
2.      Those who are not so concerned with having lots of material possessions are more in tune with their spirituality.
3.      Although some of us visualized ways to make the building process easier and more efficient, there was a certain symmetry and peacefulness in the rhythm of doing the labor by hand; mixing of chispa and mezcla by shovelful, the handing of blocks by human train, the slapping of the mezcla and placing of the blocks…

1) The love parents show their children is universal-think Edwin and his son.
2) Acts of service is a love language.
3) With determination and a sense of humor, much can be accomplished.

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