Saturday, March 23, 2013

Day 6 The Last Day of Worksites

Compliments of Patsy...

March 22, 2013

Our final day on the worksites was a half day, which was very good timing!  With the heat and humidity of Thursday we were pretty well spent. Mario's home needed another coat of interior paint and then that work crew got a major break. The welders arrived and they needed to vacate the premises. Mario took them all to the park and wanted the crew of 6 to enjoy themselves watching his daughter's softball game. At Cristabel's site, Jesus and the crew of 12 had much to do. Another two rounds cement block went up, and interior floors were rocked and tamped down. Our entertainment for the day was a school parade, similar to homecoming, complete with marching band, drill team, and many children; a great diversion from another very hot day on the worksite! It was really great to see how much we've all learned. Everyone knows enough at this point to jump in without being asked. As one of our volunteers put it, it's like a dance. Everyone moves in and out with ease. 

We all stopped work at noon so that we could head to the Usulutan Habitat office for a lunch of traditional foods and a lovely ceremony with our two families. Our lunch was delicious and consisted of papusas, yuca nuggets, fried yuca, coleslaw, and a yummy fruit salad drink. Each family spoke, thanking Habitat and the masons, and all of us. It was emotional at times, because of the meaningful relationships we have formed in such a short time. Jeff and Janet Elwer spoke on behalf of the group of six, and Jeff was able to deliver his message in Spanish. Mario was very touched and still managed to wow us with his larger than life personality. Mary Lou Neugent also spoke and expressed our thoughts and feelings to Cristabel. We were each called forward to receive recognition for our work and presence.  

We have shared our last meal at the hotel in Usulutan and will head to the outdoor market in the morning. From there we head west to the coast for our final night in this wonderful country

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