Friday, March 29, 2013

3 things part 3

Here are the thoughts of three of the participants that were on the El Salvador trip. 

1. Those who live closest to dependence on God and others are the happiest. Simplicity makes for grateful hearts!
2. Our excess became another’s great possession, example: the shoes we gave to Felipe.  My excess is staring me in the face!
3. I learned that dignity is something you carry, not something you own. The people we met and worked with have great dignity and are a fine example of humility.

1. Beauty can be found in the most unlikely of places.

2. Poverty does not mean laziness or unhappiness. We saw that first hand.

3. Hospitality and generosity are a universal language.

1) I have learned from my three trips to El Salvador is that these people might be poor but they are definitely not lazy. To see the pride in their new Habitat Home is very gratifying.

2) To be able to share my experiences with my son.was a huge goal for me. With this Stage IV cancer being in the back of my mind alot it makes this even more important to me.

3) I was very happy when Edwin went up and shook my sons hand and called him Wayne Jr. So he did remember that he was my son. This was my third house working with Edwin and I really loved being able to pull that off. Maybe next year I can make it number 4.

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