Friday, November 6, 2015

Receiving More than We Give (Thursday)

Compliments of Eric Mason...

Greetings from El Salvador. As day 4 comes to a close I learned some things about myself and what it feels like to give back.

The family we are building for, and side by side with, are simply a ray of sunlight every day. The smiles they have on their face when we show up in the morning are just one of the reasons Jackie and I are here participating in this build. I think the only time there is something less than a smile is when I ask one of those simple questions, I think in English of course, that they can't understand.

The smiling children and grandchildren of our homeowner
As you can see from one of the pictures I was in charge of taking a pick ax and chopping up the clay floor preparing it for a concrete floor to be poured. This entailed taking out roughly 4 inches of clay in two 10x10 rooms.

Many of us have done jobs or things we weren't excited to do in life, as I'm sure you'd agree. I can tell you I was so proud and full of energy in the sweltering heat, to take every swing with that pick, knowing we were one step closer to a finished home.

Working with this group of giving, selfless people is an experience you all should have an opportunity to experience. This group in El Salvador is so diverse and yet so focused with the end in mind. It has been so easy in reminding myself why I committed to taking this trip with them.

We have leaders, strong personalities, some with construction knowledge etc. What we don't have is any one individual who is here for the wrong reason. We all bring pieces to the puzzle that assure our mission is accomplished.

In closing I can't express how rewarding an opportunity this has been for Jackie and I. I have taken so much away from the locals...I hope I have left with them as much as I have taken back.

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