Monday, November 2, 2015

Getting Acclimated and Our Orientation (Sunday)

by Patsy Carlson

We arrived in San Salvador on Saturday. We walked to a local papusa restaurant and enjoyed excellent food and company.

We were up and to mass by 8 am on Sunday morning. We had read the news of Pam Meeker's death and we're all aware on these holy days in honor of all saints and all souls. The prayer of the church is truly universal. Not speaking the language never hindered our ability to pray. The deacon was from the states and he even mentioned us and welcomed us from "Ohio." It didn't matter. We felt welcomed.

Then we were on the road in a small bus for 4 hours to Hotel Perkin in the mountains near Honduras. Lots of slow and crazy traffic on a Sunday! This is a holiday celebrating the Day of the Dead. Many roadside stands are selling decorations and foods for graveside celebrations. Our travels were slow on two lane roads behind semi trucks and buses on mountain roads.

We made a stop in San Miguel to buy work supplies. The Habitat tools here really take a beating so we decided to purchase some buckets, shovels, trowels and wire cutters to make the job a little easier. These supplies will stay with Habitat at the end of the week.

We finally arrived at a lovely hotel high on a hill with a beautiful view. We had a meeting with the Habitat office and met the masons, Oscar and Sam, who will work with us this week. We also met Delphinia, and her son Jaime, who will live in this home. Her brothers will also work with us.

We had an orientation with Irene and Fleur, our two interpreters and Habitat employees. They are great fun and will be with us all week.

We are all ready for a good night's sleep and anxious to get to work tomorrow! Will send pictures from the work site at the end of the day.

Thank you for your prayers!

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